This is one of the best courses I have taken, excellent overall; it not only met but exceeded my expectations. I appreciate the amount of work and passion put into the course. I readily notice the increase of knowledge of the topics learned and know they will be immediately applicable. The greatest compliment I can pay is that I am truly grateful and I hope that more have the opportunity to learn from this extremely valuable course.
Gilbert C. Pearson II, DRS

How would you like to……

  • Begin an exciting exploration into the powerful properties of essential oils?
  • Take charge of your health, knowing exactly which oils to use and when?
  • Have something to offer to friends and family suffering from every day ailments, such as headaches, colds, flu, depression and stress?
    Discover the latest scientific research on essential oils?
  • Study in your own time at home, with an easy, online Aromatherapy course?
Essential Oil Studies and Training

What you will learn…

  • Take charge – Complete information on how to improve of all aspects of your health, mind, body and spirit, using pure essential oils.
  • In-depth profiles of the 22 most commonly used essential oils, including botanical information, clinical application, pictures and recipes.
  • Practice – The online Aromatherapy course includes practical exercises in each lesson to help you experience the oils and begin your exciting journey into Aromatherapy.
  • Study – Home-study review questions to help you integrate the new information.
  • Support – The course ends with a personal email consultation with Laura regarding any questions you have about the course or Aromatherapy in general.
  • Certificate – Upon completion of the online course, receive an attractive, printable certificate documenting your study of Aromatherapy.

Do you want a solid introduction to the science and art of Aromatherapy?

Laura Moorehead

This is an in-depth, clinical online Aromatherapy course, taught by a professional Aromatherapist with over 20 years experience in the field.

22 different essential oils are covered in detail with safety information, clinical applications, recipes, blending ideas and much more.

The Aromatherapy Course also includes individual attention to your specific questions regarding Aromatherapy and your health, by way of free email support, and a consultation with Laura Moorehead LMT, CA (up to a $75 value). Consultations are for 20 minutes. Additional time can be purchased separately.