Aromatherapy Online Course Reviews

Oh this was a really terrific Aromatherapy online course. This was a wonderful introduction.. It was complete and packed with a lot of information that could be put to use almost immediately. It covered the real basics of an introductory course so well. The review questions were a great aid and the online format was so easy and simple to work with. Each week I downloaded the lesson and printed it out and put in it my binder for the course. The lessons were so attractively laid out and pleasant to the eye with the pink/lavendar color on the heading. It was easy to follow and made a lot of sense. I love how it built on the previous lesson in each subsequent lesson so we were getting a review of what we learned before. And how it included the contra-indications. And the price was so incredibly reasonable! Very well done! Money very well spent! If you feel you might be interested in aromatherapy, this is the best place to begin and find out so much than you could imagine! And I really appreciate being able to communicate with Laura for a question or two on email and the offer for a free consultation after the course.
Carol Lavoie Astrologer

Aromatherapy Online Course

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This is one of the best courses I have taken, excellent overall; it not only met but exceeded my expectations. I appreciate the amount of work and passion put into the course. I readily notice the increase of knowledge of the topics learned and know they will be immediately applicable. The greatest compliment I can pay is that I am truly grateful and I hope that more have the opportunity to learn from this extremely valuable course.
Gilbert C. Pearson II, DRS

You could not improve on such a course. I feel everything was covered in much detail. It is the absolute best beginner course I have ever taken. It was very informative and well put together. I would recommend this course to everyone. Thank you for a wonderful first experience in aromatherapy.
Lana L. Cameron

Laura demonstrates a unique understanding of the oils and how to communicate them to others.
Sukie Colegrave, Author and Counsellor

The course is extremely well thought out and comprehensive. All the information you need to get started is there.
Don Kaiser, Subtle Energy Therapist

I enjoyed the introduction into the world of Aromatherapy from an obvious master on the subject. I loved the recipes. The format made the material easy to digest. The course is a great place to start.
Ramona Woodhouse, RN

I printed your Aromatherapy online course and put the pages in a binder with plastic protector sheets and I have been going back to it A LOT! Lots of information to digest. This course is one of the best (if not the best) bargains out there. I’ve seen courses go for over $500.00 and not offer as much either.
John Palek